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Breast Implants are designed to increase the size of your breasts. Perhaps you have always wanted to looked better in a swim suit and clothing. Perhaps your breasts have lost volume over the years due to pregnancy or aging. The board certified plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group will take the time to discuss all the options in breast implants that are available to you. There are many types of breast implants used, as well as different incision options and methods for placing the implants. Additional procedures, such as a breast lift, can be performed at the same time for more dramatic results.

Implant Types
The two main options in implants are saline and silicone gel.

Incision Options
The incision can be made your breast meets your chest, the armpit, or around the areola of the breast. The surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group emphasize hidden incisions and minimal scarring.

Implant Placement
Placement of the implants beneath the muscle of the chest wall can help reduce the possibility of capsular contracture, and interferes less with mammogram breast examinations. Your plastic surgeon will give you more information on these placement choices and will determine what is best for you during your consultation. Your scars will fade over time. Generally, this takes a period of several months, sometimes longer. Initially, scars will be somewhat hard and pinkish in color and will appear this way for several months before they begin to fade. Your plastic surgeon will make every effort to conceal your scars, and while they will eventually fade, they will not disappear entirely.




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