Dr. Jason Hess


Dr. Jason Hess


Dr. Jason R. Hess is a highly trained plastic surgeon in San Diego. Dr. Hess is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Sugery. Dr. Hess knows that cosmetic surgery is a big decision. When patients seek him out for plastic surgery, he recognizes the trust they place in his hands andhe strives to deliver results that surpass their expectations.


Breast Augmentation is designed to enlarge a woman's breasts. Breast augmentation is a common and safe procedure. Breast implants can restore breast size and shape and increase a woman's self-confidence.


While full breasts are generally considered the ideal, bigger implants are not always better. Dr. Hess can help you choose the correct size for your frame and goals. Implants can restore breast volume to women who have undergone weight loss or pregnancy. Women who have sagging breasts may choose a breast lift rather than augmentation. Women who have both lost volume and skin elasticity may choose both.


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