Dr. Michael Law


Dr. Michael Law, Raleigh, NC


Dr. Michael Law's goal for his breast augmentation patients is to provide natural-looking results and to do so in an environment that offers the highest levels of safety and comfort. Dr. Law performs all major cosmetic surgeries in a hospital operating room, and provides patients with a complimentary overnight hospital stay.


Dr. Law's patients benefit from the combination of his extraordinary training, his ability to communicate and understand each cosmetic surgery patient's treatment goals, and his talent for producing natural-looking results. Dr. Law's philosophy is that great cosmetic surgery does not look like surgery; it just makes people look great.


Round cohesive silicone gel breast implant gained FDA approval in 2006. They produce excellent results, and are an ideal breast implant for many women. Dr. Law understands that there is no one implant that is the perfect breast implant for everyone. There are many different implant options, and the implant option that is selected for you should be based on specific measurements and careful assessment.


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