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Dr. Terry Myckatyn, St. Louis Breast Implants


Dr. Terry Myckatyn is a board certified plastic surgeon in St. Louis who has impressive results in breast augmentation. Dr. Myckatyn is a breast augmentation specialist who understands that women choose to have breast surgery for many different reasons. Whatever the reason, he takes great care in evaluating his patients' needs and goals to ensure a beautiful result.


Before considering a breast augmentation, the incision location should be considered. The three most common incision locations for breast implant patients are under the breast or under the areola or in the armpit. An incision under the breast, or the inframammary fold (IMF), is an excellent option for any patient except those who also require a breast lift. Incisions under the areola are an excellent option for any patient undergoing a breast lift, or who has moderate to large-sized areolas.


The incision is placed along the lower curve of the areola and can be well concealed between the color change occurring at the areola - breast skin interface. Individuals who have a relatively small areola and desire a moderate-sized or larger silicone implant are not candidates for this periareolar approach. The armpit, or transaxillary approach, uses a short scar concealed in the armpit. Dr. Myckatyn typically reserves this approach for patients who have not had previous breast augmentation, do not require a breast lift and want a saline implant.


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