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Men and women from Naperville, Joliet, and the greater Chicago area turn to cosmetic surgery because they want to look their best. Breast enhancement procedures, for example, offer women the chance to sculpt their bodies in a way that helps them feel more sexy, shapely, and feminine. Breast augmentation can be an effective option for women who feel that their breasts are too small or have significant breast asymmetry. Dr. Rios offers his breast augmentation patients a number of options in terms of implant type, size, and shape, as well as surgical techniques to minimize scarring. Breast augmentations can be combined with breast lift procedures to create a much more attractive, youthful appearance and position.


Dr. Rios understands that you have clear goals when it comes to breast augmentation: you want an attractive result and a comfortable, speedy recovery. Unlike some surgeons, he is able to deliver on both of these objectives. He has performed hundreds of successful augmentations using both saline and silicone gel implants and helps his patients recover quickly by using advanced surgical methods that minimize bruising, bleeding and swelling. Dr. Rios is a firm believer that when performed with artistry and skill, breast augmentations require very little downtime. The vast majority of Dr. Rios's patients do not need to wear surgical support bras or have surgical drains placed after their procedures.


Can you really have it all when it comes to breast augmentation? For Dr. Rios, the answer is clearly "yes." Remember that your surgeon's skill plays a significant role in the quality of your results and the ease of your recovery. Dr. Rios believes that his advanced augmentation methods give you the best of both worlds: an attractive, natural-looking result and a comfortable recovery that takes only a few days.


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